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Managed Forex
Services in which your funds are managed by foreign exchange professionals.

Aspen Trading Aspen Trading
Aspen Trading Groups approach to FX is a discretionary based approach that relies heavily on a combination of macro and technical analysis in order to spot opportunities. While trade entry has a fair degree of discretion, we operate from a rigid set of rules for trade identification.
Dynex Corp  Dynex Corp
Dynex Corp is ranked #3 Currency Manager in the Barrons top 100. We have clients in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. These are mainly local financial institutions and high net worth individuals.
Forex Foresight offers capital management services to Banks, Fund Managers, Instituations and Private Investors.
Gain Capital Gain Capital
GAIN Capital's Managed Account (MAC) Program accommodates those investors who wish to allocate a portion of their risk capital to the foreign exchange markets but are either unable to watch the markets 24 hours a day or prefer to have their risk capital managed by professionals.
GenuineFX GenuineFX
The GenuineFX Managed Forex Program is a highly secured program, with targeted steady yield/return of 24-36% annually for starters.
Saxo Bank Managed FXSaxo Bank Managed FX
This unitised managed account is based on a centrally managed FX strategy and consists of a number of currency and leverage variations. Saxo Bank has long experience in FX management and has developed a proprietary trading model for the daily management of this fund to encapsulate our strategy to generate absolute returns.
Wallwood Consultants LtdWallwood Consultants Ltd
Wallwood Consultants Ltd are foreign exchange and futures investment advisors personally-managed accounts are provided for both institutions and experienced investors. The wallwood programme is a finely-tuned system that has consistently yielded high returns.

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