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Forex Tools
Handy tools including currency converters and P&L calculator.

Alert! FXAlert! FX
Alert!fx is an innovative tool that makes foreign exchange trading more convenient and functional for today's traders. Using today's top communication channels, traders can be updated with forex-related information at any time, anywhere around the globe via any wireless method, i.e., cellular phones, pagers and PDA's.
Forex VoiceForex Voice
Forexvoice are the leading providers of live audio forex rates of major currencies. Forexvoice's breakthrough technology allows You to receive and listen to Live forex rates on your PC via Internet 24 hours a day.
FXSTREET Pivot Point CalculatorFXSTREET Pivot Point Calculator
To calculate the Pivot point, two Resistance and two Support points enter the previous period High, Low and Close prices.
OANDA P&L CalculatorFXSTREET Rate History Tool
A handy tool by FXstreet that allows you to view the historical High, Low and Open of many currency pairs. Rate history of up to 365 days and the high/low for the selected period is displayed.
FXSTREET US$ Pip CalculatorFXSTREET US$ Pip Calculator
A useful tool that calculates the USD pip value of major currency pairs, based on the price and lot size.
OANDA Long-Short RatiosOANDA Long-Short Ratios
The graphs depict 1. the ratio of open long trades to open short trades and 2. the ratio of number of open trades for each currency pair. The data is taken from the OANDA FXtrade platform.
OANDA Margin Calculator OANDA Margin Calculator
This tool displays the amount of margin (in US$) you have utilized for a position. Enter the currency pair, position size and margin ratio to calculate.
OANDA Open Order Summary OANDA Open Order Summary
The graphs show statistics on open orders, including limit orders, S/L and T/P orders within the OANDA FXTrade platform.
OANDA Open Trades Summary OANDA Open Trades Summary
The graphs show statistics on the price points currently open trades were entered into on the OANDA FXTrade platform.
OANDA P&L CalculatorOANDA P&L Calculator
Enter the currency pair, unit size and opening/closing rates and this handy tool will calculate your US$ Profit & Loss.

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