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gft_logo2.gifGlobal Forex Trading is one of the world's most prominent leaders in online foreign exchange providing forex traders the highest level of service, software and accountability in the industry. As a primary market-maker, Global Forex Trading offers individual and institutional clients instant click-and-deal trades on live currency prices.
Global Forex Trading offers more currencies for forex trading than most other future commission merchants (FCMs) with more than 60 currency pairs, analytical services from forex industry leaders, up-to-the-minute world and financial news, customizable advanced forex charting and a 24-hour dealing desk with professional dealers ready to assist you anytime day or night.

Company name: Global Forex Trading
Company description:  How ingenious is your forex broker? GFT knows traders. GFT knows technology. GFT knows forex. Whether it's our advanced trading platform DealBook FX 2 or our innovative forex offerings, you'll know why traders in more than 100 countries are inclined to trade with us.
Website Address:  http://www.gftforex.com
Year of company's foundation: 1997
Customers: Retail forex trading, Corporate Services, Referring Parties, White Label Partnerships, Money Managers, Foreign Currency Services for Banks.
Services: Retail forex trading, Corporate Services, Referring Parties, White Label Partnerships, Money Managers, Foreign Currency Services for Banks.
Regulated by: National Futures Association (NFA), USA
Headquarters: Global Forex Trading, 4760 East Fulton Road, Suite 201
Phone: 616.974.3682
Fax: 616.974.3682
E-mail: [email protected]
Company Location: USA   
Language: English, Spanish, Dutch/Flemish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Polish   
Min Investment: US$2500   
Min Transaction Size: from 10 with Base 10 Trading   
Margin Requirement: from 1% (100:1 leverage)   
System Type: Windows. DealBook FX2 is our powerful online currency trading tool that provides you with instant access to the forex market. With a host of features found only in DealBook FX2, it sets the bar for Forex Trading platforms. Available only from Global Forex Trading, DealBook FX2 gives you the tools you need to trade more effectively in any market condition. Click here for more information on DealBook FX2.   
Account Currency: US$, Euro, Yen, Sterling, Swiss Franc, Aussie   
Pip Spread: 3 pips in Euro, Yen   
Currency Pairs: Spot Forex in over 62 currency pairs.   
Free Demo Account: Yes, just download a FREE 30-day trial of DealBook FX 2. Practice forex trading with live, tradable prices and real-time data and news, powerful charting and more than 65 technical indicators.   
Multi Product: -
Mobile Trading: With DealBook FX Mobile, we deliver the power of DealBook FX to traders who are using wireless technology. In fact, we've created software in a wireless platform that's comparable to most broker's PC-based applications.

The Enhanced version for pocket PC users includes standard features, such as live streaming quotes, full-color charting, complete access to real-time transaction history, account statements and position, margin and risk-analysis.   
OCO / IF DONE Orders: Yes   
Guaranteed Fills: Yes   
Guaranteed Stop Loss: Yes. Does not apply outside of GFT trading hours or during fundamental news announcements.   
Guaranteed Limit Orders: Yes   
Trailing Stop Loss: Yes. Automate your risk-management: Trailing Stops allow you to specify the distance from the forex market you want your stop, and DealBook FX will automatically move your stop as the forex market moves in your direction to ensure your stop moves with the market. No more cancel replaces!   
Flexible Trading: Base 10 Trading offers you the ability to arrange varying lot sizes in increments of ten to structure your trades in accordance to your risk tolerance levels. Explore the world of Base 10 Trading, another world-class GFT offering that gives you a multifaceted approach to forex trading.   
Automatic Liquidation: Yes   
Forex Alerts: Set alarms based on price movement, indicators or combinations of indicators to go to your PC's screen, e-mail address, web-enabled cellular telephone or PDA.   
Real Time News: Yes   
Forex Commentary: Forex Commentary by Cornelius Luca.   
Chart Trading: Yes. Prices on the forex charts and forex quoteboards are the prices you can trade, not indicative prices from a generic datafeed.   
Trading Signals: Yes   
Managed Forex: Managed Forex now makes it possible to receive fund management similar to that which an institution would receive in an individual account with an opening balance far below the high opening balances institutions would normally begin with. In the past, individuals who wished to open a managed account may have needed to make huge deposits to obtain professional management or begin with less money and take a big chance with an inexperienced forex trader who was desperate for new accounts and thus willing to take small accounts.   
Online Funding: Yes   
Special Offers: -
Online Application: Yes   
Dealer Chat: -

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