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Based in Copenhagen Denmark, Saxo Bank and has been servicing the Forex market for over 10 years. We are truly international and have clients throughout the world.

Our own IT department that has developed our award-winning SaxoTrader trading technology.


Saxo Bank offers an impressive range of Forex, Forex options, Forex managed Fund and other products, all traded online through our SaxoTrader Platform. Sign up for a free demo of our technology and try trading on a simulated account.


Saxo Bank directly service:

Private investors where we offer trading spreads of down to 3 pips (for EURUSD for example)

Institutional investors where we offer trading spreads of down to 2 pips (for EURUSD for example)

We also support a global base of Introducing Brokers who most often trade on behalf through Power of Attorney - we can give you contact to an Introducing Broker if this is the kind of investment solution you are looking for.

We also offer or extensive liquidity and trading technology to White Labeling Partners, who can extend their business by offer our range of online products to their own clients under their own brand.

Company name: Saxo Bank A/S
Company description:  Saxo Bank offers an extensive range of trading products on low trading rates, through our multiple-award winning SaxoTrader Trading platform. We also support many partners worldwide who we can refer you to, that can offer investing through our products on your behalf. Contact us to discuss the investing solution that is best suited to you.
Website Address:  http://www.saxobank.com
Year of company's foundation: 1992
Customers: We have a global base of: Private investors, Institutional investors, Introducing Brokers and Partners (White Labelling Partners).
Services: Online trading and liquidity provider for Forex (spot, options and forwards), Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Stocks, Futures and Managed Assets.
Regulated by: The Financial Services Authority (FSA), Denmark.
Headquarters: Smakkedalen 22820, Gentofte, Denmark
Phone: 0045 39774057
Fax: 0045 39774200
E-mail: [email protected]
Company Location: Europe   
Language: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Danish, Greek   
Min Investment: US$10000   
Min Transaction Size: 50000   
Margin Requirement: from 1% on the first US$25000 of margin used.   
System Type: For improved stability and performance, we use a windows-based thick client that you download and install on your PC.   
Account Currency: US$, Euro, Yen, Sterling, Swiss Franc, Aussie   
Pip Spread: 2-4 pips in Majors   
Currency Pairs: Over 100 Major, Minor and Exotic currecy pairs, traded online on live streaming prices.   
Free Demo Account: Fully functional 20 day demo on a simulated account that can be reset.   
Multi Product: Our own IT department that has developed our advanced SaxoTrader trading technology. SaxoTrader has been awarded some of the industries top recognitions. Click here
for more about our awards and recognitions.   
Mobile Trading: -
OCO / IF DONE Orders: OCO and If Done orders, also available as 3-way orders.   
Guaranteed Fills: Yes. If the price is displayed in Green for a selected amount of a Forex cross, we guarantee that price at that amount. If the market becomes highly volatile or you want to trade an amount above what we can automatically fill, we may disable automatic pricing - you can then request a price from our dealers (which typically takes a few seconds).   
Guaranteed Stop Loss: -
Guaranteed Limit Orders: -
Trailing Stop Loss: -
Flexible Trading: -
Automatic Liquidation: -
Forex Alerts: Coming soon   
Real Time News: We offer real-time news for 3 major news agencies free of charge to our members and clients.   
Forex Commentary: -
Chart Trading: Yes   
Trading Signals: The analysts at Saxo Bank have been successfully predicting FX markets since 2001 and have built a world-wide reputation. Saxo Bank's unique TradeMaker enables you to trade directly on our expert's predictions without translating the analysis into individual and often complex trades. Click here for more about TradeMaker.   
Managed Forex: We offer a proffesionally managed FX fund that is available in different base currencies and different leverages to suit different risk profiles.
We also offer Capital Guaranteed Bonds based on our Forex Fund which offer a guarantee of capital back at maturity   
Online Funding: -
Special Offers: -
Online Application: Yes   
Dealer Chat: -

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