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Data Providers

Financial professionals around the world recognize the Bloomberg Professional service as the definitive tool for achieving their goals.
Infoscan deliver quality Financial Information Services worldwide through Internet and mobile phone delivery.
Infotec supplies financial news and a full range of charting and technical analysis tools.
Netdania Netdania
Netdania develops various kind of server modules, components and advanced presentation tools that can be easily integrated and used on financial web sites.
Oz Forex Oz Forex
OzForex can now offer your business or website reliable foreign exchange data feeds at extremely competitive rates.
Reuters Reuters
Reuters is a global information company that provides indispensable information for professionals in the financial services, media and corporate markets.
Telerate Telerate
Telerate is a global provider of benchmark content for the capital markets.
Tenfore Systems Tenfore Systems
Tenfore is an independent provider of globally sourced real time market data.

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